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Want to add the God's Country Camouflage Pattern/Brand Name to Your Products?



If you would like to learn more about how to add the God's Country Camo brand to your product please fill out the information below.

God's Country Camouflage is a solid brand with a history of licenses spanning all markets. Adding the GCC patterns and brand name to your products or offerings is a great way to share your faith and love of the outdoors. You also get a cutting-edge camouflage that further differentiates your products from your competition. When you license with us, you’ll be signing a plain-language agreement that requires minutes to read, not hours and days to decipher. Our realistic royalty rates allow you to funnel more operating capital into your business, and create the best possible products you can.



Licensing the God's Country Camo Way Means:

  • Licensing cutting-edge camouflage.

  • Setting your products apart  from the competition.

  • Making a statement of your faith and love of the great outdoors.

  • Plain-language agreements that require minutes to read, not hours and days.

  • More operating capital for your business, and less for bloated royalties. 

  • Entering into an agreement with a licensing partner, not a dictator.

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Thanks for submitting!

Licensing Application

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