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 Wire-Ups solve the problem of crossing fences alone or with others, freeing up your hands to easily move people and gear through an obstacle without damaging the fence in the process.

Safe, effective, and simple to use, Wire-Ups make navigating barbed wire and other multi-strand fences a breeze. 

Wire-Ups are 100% Made in America from state of the art, non-conductive, glass filed nylon providing unsurpassed strength in a compact and lightweight package. Sold in pairs, Wire-Ups can easily be stored in automotive glove compartments, center consoles, backpacks, belt pouches or pockets.


To use Wire-Ups, simply hook the second wire of a fence with the lower hook then hook the top wire with the upper hook. Repeat the process using the second Wire-Up on the third and fourth wires to create an opening large enough for people and gear to pass through. Once on the other side simply remove and store them. 


Wire-Ups are available exclusively through God's Country Camo LLC and come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.  

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Watch the Video to see the WireUps in Use.

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